It involves caring for the mother from the day she is pregnant through nine months of pregnancy to delivery of her child.

Various aspects of obstetrics care include:

  • Pre Conceptional counseling regarding

Lifestyle changes like

  • Daily healthy and on time meals
  • Good 7-8 hrs of sleep
  • Regular exercises
  • Cessation of smoking and alcohol
  • Avoiding drugs that are fetotoxic in the second half of every cycle when trying to conceive.
  • Avoiding hormonal pills which have adverse effects on baby.
  • Vaccination
  1. Rebulla
  2. HPV
  3. Hepatitis B
  4. Flu vaccines
  • Preconceptional vitamins including folic acid, Vit D and other micronutrients.
  • Changing over to drugs which are safe in pregnancy for women with illness requiring regular medication.(For Eg: Diabetes, Epilepsy, Heart Disease, Tuberculosis)
  • Early recognition of pregnancy and counselling

Women are advised to report at the earliest if

  • They missed their menses while having regular menses previously
  • Experience nausea, vomiting, breast tenderness and generalized weakness with or without missed periods.
  • Experience very scanty menses or spotting with slight delay in the regular menses and associated lower abdominal pain.
  • Having pregnancy symptoms during lactational phase where periods are yet to start.
  • Once pregnancy is established mothers are guided through 40 weeks of pregnancy with careful monitoring of
  • Weight gain
  • Diet and exercises
  • Necessary nutritional supplementation
  • Necessary investigation and counseling to ensure a healthy growing fetus.
  • Early identification of pregnancy related complications and their management.
  • Preparing them for birth and lactation.
  • At the time of birthing, women are given necessary medical attention and emotional support in order to have a pleasant birthing experience.
  • Lactational counseling and support in necessary to achieve excusive breastfeeding and bonding between mother and child.